Wednesday, 2 February 2011

LittleHouse Inspiration: The Big Picture

For some reason instead of planning for the hundreds of projects, both major and minor, that we will be taking on with the house, I have been trying to narrow down my inspiration.  It makes sense a little, at least to me.  If I know what I want the house to feel like, that should inform my decisions going forward.  So here are the images I have selected because they speak to my hopes for the house:

Second Row: Janet Kimber (r), House and Home (l)
Bottom: Jessica Helgerson (l), The Marion House Book (r)
Seeing all these together helps me focus on how to approach this project.  Overall I want to create a space that celebrates the LittleHouse's 1920 roots while bringing in clean modern touches and a more toned-down palette.  Now down to the details and puzzling over how to get there.

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