Saturday, 20 November 2010

Madewell Greatest Gifts Guide

Around this time of year, I love looking at online gift guides not so much for the items presented as the way they pull together an aesthetic.  To me, they have all the fun that online personality quizzes used to, because the total of these material things are a personality or a lifestyle.  I end up looking for the people I love, their passions and quirks. It's not about buying the items shown, but thinking about what someone has and how it adds up. (Maybe, just possibly, the guide will also highlight that thing that's missing.)  That's why I was excited to stumble on Madewell's gift guides.  Vintage Sophisticate or Chic Tomboy? Except, while usually there are a few looks that don't fit (usually too much shininess or sportiness), these all seem more like looks my sister and my friends could wear on different occasions.  Granted it does all come from Madewell, which is a pretty defined brand, but I know I could wear variations on them all, depending on what the day called for. 

From Madewell, found via Unruly Things.

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