Monday, 22 November 2010

Re-create the Look: G.P. Schafer Kitchen in the Country

This is a kitchen designed by G.P. Schafer for a horse farm in upstate New York.  It seems to have got the blend of industrial, traditional and utilitarian just right for the setting.  I love the built-in display cabinet with it's porch-ceiling blue background and the prep sink.  This looks like a place to chat with leftover apple pie and a glass of wine while someone does some serious cooking.

I put this kitchen in a special folder weeks ago, in fact, and set about scouring for the unique elements that make this space.

Sometimes, however, trying to find the secret sources in an attempt to replicate my favorite features from interior blogs gets exhausting.  I spent the longest time looking for a ceiling mounted pot rack, like the pictured, preferably with inset lighting.  It nearly broke my spirit.  Most  pot racks out there look like they belong in a French-country-style dungeon, or hung with some barbed-wire embellishment.   Where was the simplicity? Where was shiny chrome with tastefully-substantial ceiling mounts?  In any case, I was getting glum. Then I had a breakthrough, which might be brilliant or sheer stupidity, but a fine line, in any case.

Voila! I give you a simple, shiny ceiling mounted structure for $275, additional supports for $50, via. Pretty good, if slightly curvier and borrowed from a different room.  Imagine some pots on those s-hooks.  Ignore the shy shower head drooping in the corner.  Instead mount a couple of these (at right) to hang on the inside (hiding behind the pans in the original picture).

Now add H-L bracket hinges, such as these .  The ones pictured in the original might actually be shutter hinges!!!!! or maybe I'm just too eager to think outside the box after the magnificent shower rod revelation.  But maybe, just maybe, using shutter hinges on indoor cabinets would make you feel like a furniture hacking ninja, or so I would.  I think that's to be encouraged.

Finally, the bread box.  This is a perfect vintage detail, in my opinion, because it's so functional.  I love fresh bread and it really does keep better when it's stored in a bread box.  I would turn to Etsy to find the     likes of this:

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  1. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such a lovely comment! Loving this recreate the look feature - that bread bin is a great match!