Sunday, 14 November 2010

Sunday Kind of Love

1. This fixture, from Schoolhouse Electric's new collection.  Before I found the English department in college, I spent a lot of time--ridiculous, geeky, happy time--in science laboratories.  I think that might be why I love the ring clamp on this sconce.  Also, it is a scientific fact that anything in a glass globe has an undeniable appeal.

2., 3. Brussels Sprouts two ways I never would have thought of without the internet, because they appear to be in season and they will always have a special place in my heart.  Brussels Sprouts are like magical holiday candy to me, likely because my family only served them for Thanksgiving and Christmas, much like actual candy (with the addition of a couple other holidays).  If this was strategic on my parents' part, it was effective.  These both look appetizing and like a way to eat Brussels Sprouts more often while keeping them special. Way # 1 (Southeastern Asian/BBQ).  Way # 2 (pickled). (via  DALS and D16 )

4. Beautiful Seasonal Bouquet from Saipua.  Self-explanatory.
(Photo Rodney Smith )

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