Sunday, 21 November 2010

Sunday Kind of Love 2

This weekend, I'm warming up for next week's feast.  While I'm prepared to leap into the holiday season, however, part of me wants to cling to fall and the memory of summer.  Sorting through my summer photos is probably doing that to me, as are these pictures. (L. from Design*Sponge, and R. from Green Wedding Shoes).  I feel like I'm not quite ready to let the last handful of golden leaves fall from the trees.  It's not up to me, of course.  In the meantime, I have these pretty pictures to ogle.  One of my life aspirations is a tree house, and I am madly jealous of this one, in Brooklyn no less.  I've been plotting building one for some time.  On the other hand, there's the vintage VW with its debonair luggage racks.  We are quite taken with the vintage cars over here, especially the minis, which appear to have been with their owners for decades, repaired and coaxed as needed, and meanwhile acquiring their distinctive personalities.  I can only hope my own car will last that long and wear so well, if not, perhaps there's a vintage car waiting for our love and money (hah!) somewhere....   

Now the other things I found to love this week:

Two new, striking additions  to the Lindsey Adelman Studio's You Make It series.  I want to create them both and am still in awe that this resource is free.  One even appears to be a mobile.   (via Remodelista )

A photo shoot with wedding gowns from Portland's The English Dept. in a barn via Green Wedding Shoes . Breathtaking

A clustered chandelier made out of globes.  (via Unruly Things )

This is a little early, because Thanksgiving is still ahead, but Free People's winter store display , while not earth-shattering, is my kind of festive.  I think a lot of this could be copied and would look stunning, especially the paper snowflake curtains and the wall-mounted ornaments (some of which must be inspired by this, or this via Poppytalk )

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