Monday, 15 November 2010

Re-Create the Look: EmersonMade's Bedroom

Last March, a glimpse into the pantry and entryway of EmersonMade's New Hampshire home (from a Design*Sponge Sneak Peak) provided some breathtaking inspiration that still feels fresh.  I now dream of coming home in my faux leapord coat, putting my boots on their tray and surveying the contents of my larder arrayed in glass jars.  As the days get colder this year, however, the classic simplicity of Emerson Farm's bedroom seems especially relevant.  It looks like such a grown-up place to return to rest every night.  It would be an ideal place to prop yourself up, read and fill in a journal before falling asleep.  I love how the muted canvas of the space makes the monogram stand out and emphasizes the traditional impact of the initials--it's the kind of touch that seems both luxurious and personal.

(Above: The inspiration, via here ) Here are the elements to re-create this space:

#1 The Bed.
This is the ubiquitous Colette bed from Crate and Barrel, which is upholstered in natural-colored linen with a brushed pewter nailhead trim.  It costs $1599.00 for the queen size, excluding shipping.

If, however, you have fifteen spare hours and about $300.00 you can follow the instructions for recreating this piece  (see results at right) from the intrepid High-Heeled Foot in the Door.

#2 The Bedding:

The flat sheet is the monogrammed flat sheet from Williams-Sonoma Home's White Hotel Bedding
in blue.  It costs $ 168.00 for the queen size.  While the same look would be difficult to replicate, I think sewing on a double stripe (if you have the skills and a zig zag foot on your sewing machine) would create much the same style.

The shams also appear to be of Williams-Sonoma Home origins.  Standard shams from the Everyday Luxury B&B embroidered collection cost around $44.00 with embroidery, although only light blue appears to be available.  The Company Store offers embroidered shams in the same thread count, but in a diamond template and the monogram appears to be off-center, currently on sale for $12.00. It would probably be safer to match bedding purveyors as white can mean a variety of colors.  While the former doesn't seem exorbitant for such a personal feature, hand-embroidering monograms into the center of a pair of shams could be a great way to personalize existing bedding, and the template could be reused for other projects.  I would draw a four inch circle onto tracing paper and inscribe the initials, centering the family-name-initial.  At left is how Williams-Sonoma Home uses each letter of the alphabet in their designs.

When you're happy with the design apply it to pillow using the tracing paper (by coloring in the reverse side and "printing" it onto the pillow), then, using embroidery backing (to keep the fabric from puckering) tighten the fabric in an embroidery hoop and stitch out the design using embroidery thread and a satin stitch (basic horizontal stitches close together across the design).

While the Civil War blankets at Woolrich, specifically the Gettysburg, more closely resemble the inspiration, it appears that only the twin size is in stock (at $99.00).

The gorgeous alternative at the left from Brook Farm General Store's own line, Tourne.  According to the description, the sheep are locals (I know... I know what this means, but I would still love to see a flock crossing the Brooklyn Bridge) and it's made at a family mill.  It's $225.00 (excluding taxes, etc.) for the 79"x106".

# 3 The Light.

This happens to be the Chelsea swing arm sconce from Pottery Barn, in antique brass with the shade in bisque (I would personally select white).  Together the price is $99.00 and some professionally finagling could probably hardwire it.  In my search, I found many suitable options for this piece, so if this one is not quite to your liking explore the options.  Most of the furnishing companies provide a variation on this theme, but I liked that this sconce and shade came packaged together and that the antique finish resembles the original.

# 4 Finishing Touches.

Sunday White Wild Rose $58 from EmersonMade itself!  I know the internet is probably brimming with ways to copy this, I'm refusing to search for them on principle.  Here is an opportunity to get a real piece of the EmersonMade aesthetic into the picture.  I also love the idea that this casual, bedside display could be a memento from a wedding or meaningful occaision, an artifact to stand in for, or perhaps compliment, any photographic evidence.

I have a weakness for vintage, traveling alarm clocks such as these.  While I recognize that the pictured is in fact set in a wooden block, these analog faces look so dapper popping up out of their cases and I think they would go beautifully in the room (although they must function first to earn their place).

Last, but not least, covering material for the journals and other reading material in need of protection or going incognito (nothing too racy comes to mind, but several seventies-era-designs).  This is an alternative to kraft paper and may have cost upwards of 10 cents new, depending on the caliber and eco-awareness of your grocery store.  I understand that taking the time to fit each cover exactly to the book is essential here.

*Please feel free to comment with any insight into the above.  I'm especially intrigued by the DIY bed*

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