Thursday, 9 December 2010

Free Holiday Music?!

I just spent hours trying to finagle the internet into letting me buy only a few songs off the Elf Soundtrack.  It's pretty ridiculous in hindsight.  I'm not proud, but I gave up.  Then I stumbled upon something which perked me back up. Did you know that Target had a free holiday songs to download?  Yeah, and some of them are not too shabby.  I particularly liked the sound of someone called Jenny O., and Guster will always bring me back a little.  All in all, I had fun listening. I mean, it's no Ella Wishes You a Swinging Christmas (1960), which is like instant holiday spirit to the ears, but it helped me fill the void of Elf.  Ella's is the kind of jazzy classic that will power through tree decoration and cocktails to smooching under the lights.

(This might be general knowledge... with a big brand like Target I imagine it would be, but we don't get to know these things in France. Photo from here .)

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