Thursday, 9 December 2010

Holiday Decorating: Blue Christmas

With snow, frost and ice winter transforms the natural world into something spectacular.  Snowflakes, icicles and frost make the familiar shine and sparkle. Drawing decorating inspiration from the outdoors in winter is so different from the other seasons because of this.  Suddenly, there are metallics and whites, intricate geometries and the soft cushioning of snow.  The palette is bright: silver and white against the blue sky.  Decorations highligh the delicate beauty of natural shapes and patterns.

(Image Sources: #1, #3 , #5 , #8 , #9  Martha Stewart (click on the numbers for individual links, the majority of these are crafts, so they can be replicated!), #2 Lili Diallo ,  #4 Sweet Paul , #6 Toast , #7 Country Living )


  1. beautiful roundup! and perfect winter palette.

  2. thanks so much-- i'm glad you like it!