Friday, 24 December 2010

How blonde is this wedding?

Super blonde.  Blonde couple, blonde wood, blonde food... hilariously, the only elements that weren't blonde in this Martha Stewart Weddings feature "Twists on Traditions" were the guests.  I can really only laugh so much because I'm really inspired by this.  The blend of modern and traditional-looking Scandinavian elements is really lovely.  The natural-blonde palette also ties it all together in an interesting and delicious-looking way that's perfect for winter.  I also shouldn't laugh because we are pretty super blonde ourselves.  Lyle is even blonde.  Jack and I meanwhile, are those strange blonde children that recessive genes say have a one in four chance of cropping up every generation.  Living in Spain made us extra-aware of our blonde-ness and taught us to embrace it.  In a setting like the above, however, we might be in our natural habitat. If nothing else, this would be perfect camouflage inspiration.  

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