Saturday, 11 December 2010

A Good Walk

The sun is out and seems to have rewound the calendar about a month.  I'm so grateful for this "indian autumn" (such a time must exist, right?) because I took fall for granted.  Now I get to go back and revel in warm sunshine, the smell of leaves on the ground and things like ferns and moss on logs.  Those things were hidden under snow only a week ago.  Lyle is gradually becoming a country dog as well, but I can tell it is hard for him to let go of his city ways.  He looks around, a little morose, likely feeling the absence of pigeons and careless little children with food.


  1. Wow, you are lucky to live among as much beauty. I bookmarked your early posts about your move to Spain for future reading. It's a big move, it must have been so thrilling!

  2. Thanks Maryse! It was a big move, but it was our dream to live somewhere so different for a couple years. Now we are certainly lucky that Jack's parents have retired to France and that we can visit them here! Hopefully more beautiful places are ahead...