Friday, 3 December 2010

Lyle, Lord of the Snow

When we woke up yesterday, we saw there was a couple inches of snowfall outside.  I don't think I can possibly express our excitement upon seeing that, because we knew that at long last we would be reaching a big milestone in the life of Lyle.  To summarize the eventful life of Lyle so far: he was adopted as a puppy from a shelter in Arkansas.  Then he lived in Georgia with me for a summer before we moved to Spain.  Since then, Lyle, who is conveniently travel-sized, has become quite the continental traveler.  I understand that dogs don't have the same motivations and desires as people, probably including including international wanderlust.  At the same time, he travels well and I love seeing his ears perk up when we get to somewhere new.  I would like to think that Lyle will remember some of what he's seen and smelled of the world.  I know I've enjoyed watching him discover new things and explore his surroundings.

This, Lyle's experience of snow, was a big milestone.  He's nearly three now, and definitely a grown up dog.  It seems so incredible that there was a time when we celebrated him walking across a pillow without collapsing for a nap.  Most of the 'milestones' have been unexpected, however, since we left the United States.  For example, when he had his first taste of rabbit in paella, or when he peed for the first time on a cathedral.  This one, however, was one that we'd anticipated for a long time.  Watching him bite at the snow, run around, and generally be confused by it, was everything that we hoped it would be.  

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