Monday, 13 December 2010

Re-create the Look: Serena and Lily Nursery

While this nursery might be a styled image for the Dylan line of Serena and Lily crib bedding, I think it's something special in its own right. The natural textures and floating elements give the space interest and a global edge.  The shapes and color palette, meanwhile, feel serene and slightly arctic.  This space is perfect for a winter nursery.  The bedding itself is playful, elegant and not at all saccharine.  Like the name Dylan, this space could belong to an adventurous girl or boy.  In fact, the polar bear motif reminds me of this wonderful trilogy.  Here are the pieces to re-create the look:

First, and foremost: the Serena and Lily bedding.  There is a dreamy, folk-like quality to the pattern and muted palette.  Elephants, owls and crescent moons mirror each other in a scrolling design.  (See warnings about bumpers, of course).  The set (including bumper, skirt and fitted sheet) is $395, which is steep, but this is a pattern with style that would last through generations, and it is also the anchor for this particular nursery.

At left is Rufus, the polar bear rocker.  He (surely a he with a name like Rufus) is designed by David Netto for Macleran ($295 here).

 The three airy, wind-sock-esque shapes in the original proved too elusive. However, The Frazier & Wing mobile, at left is a more-than-worthy substitute.  I love how this mobile looks both substantial and and delicate.  $75 here.

At right is a basket available from Jeanne Beatrice (see their French market style baskets, and "doll basket" as well) for $29 .  I think it would be perfect for toy storage.  It could even be suspended from the ceiling as in the inspiration image.

Finally, we have the chevron pattern rug.  This would be a great DIY project like the one detailed here, using a natural fiber rug.  I would also dilute the paint to get the subtle, washed out look of the original.

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